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At Trendsetter Pools we have established the reputation as the Perfectionist Pool Builder. We strive to make our customers happy and are willing to go above and beyond to make your pool “perfect”.
We also promise you the highest quality with personalized service and superior construction with over 30 combined years of design & construction knowledge.

Yes, from date of interior finish your pool comes with a one year warranty which covers any leaks, tile repairs, deck repairs or esthetic issues. Due to industry standards hairline cracks are expected and may not always be fixed. All pool equipment comes with separate warranty from each manufacture, typically 3 years on pumps and 10 years on filter body. Your design consultant can go over each separate item with you during your consultation. We also offer a 25 year pool shell warranty.

Sand packed Paver decks are the best way to go when it comes to longevity of your pool deck. Cabana Decks are great acrylic decks with different colors or with etched or stamp designs although just like any concrete deck hairline cracks can occur.


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Once you choose Trendsetter Pools to build your backyard resort we handle all permitting, construction and inspections required by each municipality. When your pool deck is complete it is up to you the customer to install your state required child safety requirements
This must be done before your pool is complete. We will handle calling in your final inspection also. Keep in mind when the final inspection is called in, you must be home to meet inspectors to pass your inspection. Failing your final inspection may result in fines and possible jail time. If you have contracted to have a heater you are also responsible for calling a gas company to set up gas installation. We also handle the scheduling of your screen installation and solar installation.

The State of Florida has specific rules that have to be done in order to pass a final inspection. Each new pool has to have either a child safety fence which can be contracted for and we will handle to installation of or there must be alarms on each door or window leading into the pool area. Each municipality is different so we advise calling upon completion of your pool to determine what is required for your home.

Yes, when your pool is completely filled with water a crew will come and put chemicals into the pool to balance the water. We advise you to call them to set up an appointment for your instructions. They will be able to show you how to maintain your pool equipment i.e.: pump, filter, skimmer & heater. They will also show you how to work valves or electronic system. We also offer a 4 week maintenance once the pool is complete to get you acclimated with having a new pool, when the 4 weeks is up it is up to you to maintain your new pool or hire a service company for weekly care and service.

We offer the simplicity of sheer descents, fountain jets and therapy jets. And we also build extraordinary rock waterfalls.

Yes, we offer financing. We work directly with several banks that can offer competitive rates. Most customers choose a second mortgage available for up to 25 years and in most cases are tax deductible.